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Responsibly Servicing the Southern California Industry since 1978


We value relationships, treating customers and suppliers as longterm parters and each with candor and respect.

We succeed through performance, focussing on superior execution, product access, optimized logistics and productivity.

We thrive on profitable growth, seeking new markets and new opportunities and continuously innovating to be the distributor of choice.

And because we are Pacifica we do everything with Integrity.


“Some days I place an order and receive it within 45 minutes!! Love the prompt delivery, always saves me when my boss is drilling me to get in product”

Testimonial John Manzetti
John Manzetti
Chief Operator

“ My favorite part about being a Pacifica customer is the personal care and attention I get from the company. They really show that I matter to them.

Testimonial Rogelio Sanchez
Rogelio Sanchez
Assistant Warehouse Manager

“Pacifica has far better speed and flexibility of delivery than my other vendors—and they provide even more of the technical support we need in some categories.”

Testimonial Cindy Goldberg
Cindy Goldberg
Purchasing Manager
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