About Us

Los Angeles’based Chemical Company

Established 1978. Excelling Beyond the 21st Century.

A pioneer in manufacturing and distributing industrial grade chemicals. Pacifica Chemical Incorporated has been providing first-rate integrated chemical solutions for almost four decades. Headquartered in America’s business hub of the Pacific bay, Los Angeles, Pacifica is perfectly positioned to serve a spectrum of industries.

While we are amongst the oldest chemical companies based in Los Angeles, California we do not rest on our laurels. Whether it is retaining a dedicated workforce, maintaining cutting edge technology or cultivating lasting relationships with clients, PCI does it best.


Perfect Blend of Commitment and Capability

At Pacifica, innovation and the desire to solve problems run rampant. For instance, if we don’t already have a product or solution that you need, we don’t turn you away. Our innovative experts will design a solution especially for you. That is the kind of commitment and capability that’s hard to find; something we’re particularly proud of.

Unparalleled Customization & Compounding Ability

No Other Regional Company Comes Close

Pacifica is unparalleled in providing tailor-made chemical solutions in the Textile & Water Treatment Industry. No other company in the region compares our chemical compounding knowledge and abilities. Well-trained and experienced professionals work in state-of-the-art facilities to deliver the ideal solution to every client.

Linking International Conglomerates and Local Users

Benefitting Small Businesses As Well

At Pacifica Chemical we don’t let boundaries limit us. Pacifica acts as a bridge that connects international chemical conglomerates and local end-users. It is a role that we are proud to play; leveraging our efficient logistics network to deliver competitive products for the benefit of the local economy and its most important component; small business owners.

Responsibility to the Environment

Money Isn’t the Only “Green” We’re Concerned About

At Pacifica we take great pains to ensure our products are eco-friendly and bio-degradable. We maintain “green operations”, satisfying our clients and the planet alike. While customer satisfaction is top on our list, as a responsible company we make caring for the planet one of our top priorities.

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