Chemical Distribution


Product Development



Proprietary Textile Chemical Manufacturer

Textile Chemistry Consultant

Liquid and Dry Blending

Surface Finishing Chemical Distributor

Supply Chain Partnership

Commodity/Raw Chemical Importer & Distributor

Bulk & Mini-Bulk Pump In

Water Treatment Expertise

Third Party Warehousing & Inventory Management


Pacifica prides itself as being the most responsive company towards its clients time sensitive needs. Our lightning fast response time sets us far apart from the competition. The norm in the chemical industry is to deliver the next day, however, we at Pacifica have a successful history of completing 90% of our orders within the same day !!

Our facility is within minutes of the I-405, I-91, I-110, I-605, and I-710. This gives us an connective edge with the greater Los Angeles area, Orange County area, and the San Fernando Valley area. This strategically situated location means Pacifica is the only Chemical Company that is able to offer a competitive edge on delivery.

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