Chemical Blending

chem blend

At Pacifica Chemical we are able to manufacture custom powdered & liquid formulations.. Equipped with large capacity mixers and the newest electronic load cells for accurate and precise addition of ingredients, Pacifica makes sure If you want to create a new product from scratch or change an existing product, our chemists work with you and do so while strictly following Pacifica’s industry leading quality standards. All formulae and intellectual property are safeguarded through non-disclosure agreements and maintained in our private safe. We take all intellectual property related matters very seriously.

When it comes to chemical blending your liquid or powdered chemicals, Pacifica offers you the breadth and scope of facility, the quality systems, equipment and well trained staff necessary for you to be able to produce more of your line in one location than any other toll blending manufacturer in Southern California. Moreover, with Pacifica’s turnkey approach, you’re relieved of many of the operational concerns that less integrated toll blending organizations require of their customers.

Pacifica is capable of independently managing your inventory’s replenishment needs. Pacifica can also respond to directed production requests arising from your internal replenishment system. In most instances, Pacifica purchases all components, manufactures the product to your specifications, warehouses it and ships it into your distribution system.

What we do in the realm of blending:

  • Create new products
  • Modify existing formulations
  • Blend existing formulations
  • Source raw materials and raw material vendors
  • Private labeling – Custom Chemical Packaging
  • Development of QC standards
  • Preparation of OSHA compliant MSDS
  • Packaging from Pails to tank trucks