Chemical Distribution

chem distribution

While price is one of the leading factors, flexibility and speed of delivery are critical components of the distribution process we specialize in. We provide most of our clients with the increased simplicity of dealing with fewer distributors.

We strive for distribution excellence through a coherent approach across all channels. This entails assessing the most cost-effective distribution-channel strategy in each segment, carefully selecting distribution partners, and professionalizing the management of individual distributors.

Key elements in the value chain of a chemical distributor include: sourcing from multiple producers to ensure a broad and complementary product offering; taking physical ownership of products, warehousing them, and mixing, blending, and repackaging them according to customers’ needs; and then selling and physically transporting goods to customers. Chemical distribution needs to be differentiated from logistics-only companies that typically do not take ownership of products, and from trading companies that typically do not repackage and assemble product portfolios according to customers’ needs.

Many of our smaller consumers typically lack the critical mass needed to tap into low-cost sources for chemicals from China, Eastern Europe, or the Middle East. Third-party distributors like ourself can create critical mass by aggregating demand from individual customers and so offer product portfolios sourced globally. Our network density enables speedy and flexible deliveries.