Product Development

prod development

Pacifica prides in our new product development expertise. We work with you during the chemical product development process to develop a product that meets all of your needs. We have extensive knowledge and experience in all aspects of the development process. Pacifica offers innovators and businesses a full-service product development package. This means that we take clients from product design consulting, through custom formulation development, all the way to new product manufacturing, providing assistance during each critical product development stage.

Our modern in-house laboratory is equipped to assist in the development of any product of the 21st century. The laboratory supports our commitment to focus on the highest of standards offered in Industrial chemical manufacturing.

Formulation capabilities include:

  • Cleaning products intended for commercial/institutional use, and industrial use

  • Textile products especially pertaining to the finished look & feel of the garments

  • Chemicals used in the water treatment industry

Pacifica’s full-service product development package includes:

  • Research and Development

  • Consulting Expertise

  • Product Development

  • Analytic Capabilities

  • Fully staffed laboratory